The Snapchat-ification of Twitter

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The future of Marketing is Technology. As a Marketer, your ability to understand the functionality and significance (or lack there of) of new technology will become more and more valuable. Figure out how [insert latest and greatest app/tool] fits into your overall strategy to actually achieve business goals and your future will be bright.

Enter the live video streaming services: Meerkat and Periscope.

WARNING: Before continuing, take a deep breath and contain your excitement. Remind yourself that these are TOOLS that need a strategy before being overcome by S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome) and insisting that your brand/company NEEDS to be using one of them.  [Read more…]

Developing A Shared Purpose

Why does your company exist?

While this may seem like an elementary question at first, more and more is being written about the importance and impact of having a clearly defined purpose for your company. It’s actually funny to hear some Owners and CEO’s try to answer this question, they tend to ramble.  When we take time to define our purpose, our reason for existing, we develop something bigger than any one person and much more powerful than the notion of simply existing to make money. “To make money” isn’t a purpose, it’s the result and goal of business. [Read more…]

Taking Social Media For Granted

Generation Y has grown up using Social Media and evolved with it – But that doesn’t make your next intern an expert.

“Would you let your 5 year old cut your hair because she can hold scissors?!” 


Far too many companies make the mistake of putting a 20-something (in many cases with no marketing experience) in charge of their Social Media channels. Sure he/she probably knows more than you do about Facebook or Twitter, but the way he/she personally uses the platforms is completely different than how they should be used as an effective segment of your Marketing Strategy. It’s really no wonder why so many companies are quick to give up on the tool(s) and not see the value.   [Read more…]