Taking Social Media For Granted

Generation Y has grown up using Social Media and evolved with it – But that doesn’t make your next intern an expert.

“Would you let your 5 year old cut your hair because she can hold scissors?!” 


Far too many companies make the mistake of putting a 20-something (in many cases with no marketing experience) in charge of their Social Media channels. Sure he/she probably knows more than you do about Facebook or Twitter, but the way he/she personally uses the platforms is completely different than how they should be used as an effective segment of your Marketing Strategy. It’s really no wonder why so many companies are quick to give up on the tool(s) and not see the value.  

Posting or tweeting once a week isn’t enough. Social Media is designed to be SOCIAL. It’s about humanizing your brand by listening to your customers and engaging with them. It’s not rocket science, it’s just caring. The good news is most companies don’t care [yet] so if you start to soon, you’ll stand out!

You will be absolutely AMAZED at the insights that you will learn when you stop treating Social Media like another form of traditional advertising. It’s a two way street unlike radio, TV and billboards. Social Media one to one Marketing (rather than one to many). Social Media is a conversation!

The trouble is, your 20-something managing your Social Media channels doesn’t have the experience to know the difference. He/she is just doing what everyone else is doing and it’s ruining the platforms and eventually it’s going to have a negative impact on your brand. The brands that understand the importance of caring online are going to be light-years ahead of the competition in the next 5 years.

So how’s that Social Media segment of your Marketing Strategy looking?
Now’s a REALLY good time to re-evaluate it.

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