Your Marketing Strategy SUCKS!

Your Marketing Strategy SUCKSNo… Seriously.

This statement is probably true for 90% of the SMB’s (Small to Medium sized businesses) in the world – ESPECIALLY Startups. And I really wish I was exaggerating. 

If I ask you: “What is your current Marketing Strategy?”

And your response is some bullshit about not spending money on advertising and how you rely heavily on Social Media and Word of Mouth… Please shut up and stop embarrassing yourself.

All you have told me is that you know nothing about Marketing.

Social Media is NOT a strategy. It is a tool; a tactic that should be PART of your Marketing Strategy and a piece of Marketing Mix. Your Social Media activity should have it’s own strategy with objectives.

“Word of Mouth” is NOT a strategy! It’s the RESULT every Marketing initiative hopes to achieve.  HOW are you generating Word of Mouth? What are you doing? Is it incredible customer service like Zappos? Maybe it’s an unforgettable dining experience with stellar service like Nick’s Pizza & Pub? OR maybe it’s not even positive at all.

Want to know the number one, most effective Marketing Strategy?



It is THAT simple.

Care about your customers and their feedback. Care about your team and their well-being. Care about your product/service and it’s presentation/reputation. Care so much that it pours out of you.

I promise you without caring passionately about these things no amount of money spent on Marketing or Advertising will rescue your business.

Caring is contagious. It breeds awesomeness and awesomeness is what builds positive Word of Mouth. Your strategy should be crafted around ways to intentionally harness and replicate those brand experiences.

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